Britt Christensen

Assistant Head Coach
Britt Christensen


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)


Britt has always been active and played a variety of sports including field hockey, swimming, karate, cricket, tennis and soccer. She moved to the UAE after school and worked in active roles, jobs that required a certain level of fitness and athleticism. Britt was a beach lifeguard and later a dolphin trainer.

After her first child was born, it became really important for her to get back into fitness and start to feel herself again. Britt quickly found that her time in the gym or at bootcamp was a great stress reliever and kept her healthy, not only physically but mentally as well.

Coach Britt discovered Crossfit in 2017 at Yas Fitness in Abu Dhabi, training under some of the best crossfit athletes  in the world. She was hooked immediately. The philosophy behind Crossfit, the competitive nature of the sport and meeting like-minded people as well as the team spirit and encouragement spoke volumes to her. She loves how everyday is different and every workout is equally fun and hard.

In 2018 she moved to the Bahamas and the first thing she did was start searching for a new box. Happy Hour Crossfit was recommended and was everything she was looking for. “As an expat, it’s not always easy to make friends and can be quite a daunting task. Having this awesome little box to come to every morning was a huge help in my adjustment to this awesome country.”

“Now, as I begin my journey as a coach, it is important to me that everyone in my class feels welcome. Leave your ego at the door, move well and kill the WOD!”


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